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Presidential Leadership Award – April 2010

IC&RC presented its Presidential Leadership Award to Stefán Jóhannsson, in recognition of outstanding contributions and support given to IC&RC and the substance abuse profession. On behalf of the organization, Vice President Doug Rosenberry lauded Jóhannsson as “a man of action, who founded the Icelandic School of Addictions after a long and illustrious career. IC&RC would be poorer without his influences and bulldog persistence.”  Jóhannsson has promoted IC&RC throughout Europe, at conferences for ICAA, UKESAD, and NORDAN.

Jóhannsson accepted the award with grace: “This is a surprise, I’m overwhelmed. I’m committed to doing this work, and my dream is to create the first regional board of IC&RC, with members from the Nordic and Baltic countries.  There is so much for Europeans to learn from how you do things differently in the U.S., and vice versa.  I wish more Americans would go to Europe for training and learn how they do things.”

Rosenberry closed by calling Jóhannsson a “shining example” and reading remarks by Past President Jeff Wilbee, who said he was “proud to call Stefán a colleague and more pleased to call him a friend.”

Highlights from the Executive Director’s Report

In 2009, the total number of IC&RC exams administered was 6,369, with the following breakdown: 

ADC exam – 4,718 of which 831 were CBT

AADC exam – 749 of which 47 were CBT

CPS exam – 486 of which 42 were CBT

CCS exam – 326 of which 43 were CBT

CCJP exam – 47 of which 5 were CBT

CCDP exam – 43 of which 23 were CBT

By way of comparison, the total for 2008 IC&RC exams administered was 5,570.  These figures are telling of the growth our member boards are experiencing.

In the last 12 months, approximately 19,872 international certificates were issued based on renewals and newly certified professionals submitted to the office from our member boards.  Additionally, the IC&RC Office has processed 480 reciprocity applications. 

Our turnaround time for processing reciprocity applications is one to two days.  For international certificates, the office is processing certificates as the information is received from member boards.  Depending on the number of certified professionals being submitted by member boards, turnaround time can be one to two weeks. 

Keep submitting those names!

Federal Policy Update – April 8, 2010

by Andrew Kessler

In my report at the Spring Meeting , I highlighted how IC&RC is involved again with federal policy issues, after a five-year absence.  Under the direction of the Executive committee, we have been advocating on a number of issues:

  • Workforce Development
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Patient Confidentiality Issues
  • Indian Health
  • Soldiers and Their Families
  • Appropriations
  • Health Reform


We have become a listed member of a number of coalitions:

  • Coalition for Health Funding
  • Addiction Leadership Group
  • Friends of the Indian Health Service
  • Friends of NIDA
  • Friends of SAMHSA
  • Recovery Month Planning Partners
  • Campaign for Whole Health


We are approaching a number of key organizations on the international front:

  • United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
  • OAS Inter-American  Drug Abuse Control Commission
  • NIDA Office of International Affairs
  • World Health Organization


On March 31, Mary Jo Mather and I met with A. Thomas McLellan, Ph.D., Deputy Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, and Barbara Spencer, Policy Analyst. IC&RC was encouraged to play a role in the implementation of the new National Drug Strategy. McLellan emphasized that a trained, credentialed workforce, with a clear career ladder, is the key to the future of treatment.  He estimated that the U.S. will need 60,000 more addiction professionals in the next decade.

Words from the Vice President

On behalf of President Rhonda Messamore, Vice President Doug Rosenberry addressed the membership:

“We have a number of accomplishments to report:  a strategic plan, a marketing plan, a business plan, all working together.  We are a financially viable organization, with exciting new developments on the international front. The hiring of marketing director and retaining of our advocate in Washington, D.C. means we are making connections that this organization hasn’t been able to make for many years.  The arrival of computer-based testing is one of the most important developments, and we anticipate its continued growth in coming years.”

“It is important to remember the voluntary nature of service to this organization.  If you’re not currently participating in a committee, we urge you to get involved.  The more people who contribute, the more support we have from the membership, the better our operations will function and more quickly we can achieve our strategic goals.”