Presidential Leadership Award – April 2010

IC&RC presented its Presidential Leadership Award to Stefán Jóhannsson, in recognition of outstanding contributions and support given to IC&RC and the substance abuse profession. On behalf of the organization, Vice President Doug Rosenberry lauded Jóhannsson as “a man of action, who founded the Icelandic School of Addictions after a long and illustrious career. IC&RC would be poorer without his influences and bulldog persistence.”  Jóhannsson has promoted IC&RC throughout Europe, at conferences for ICAA, UKESAD, and NORDAN.

Jóhannsson accepted the award with grace: “This is a surprise, I’m overwhelmed. I’m committed to doing this work, and my dream is to create the first regional board of IC&RC, with members from the Nordic and Baltic countries.  There is so much for Europeans to learn from how you do things differently in the U.S., and vice versa.  I wish more Americans would go to Europe for training and learn how they do things.”

Rosenberry closed by calling Jóhannsson a “shining example” and reading remarks by Past President Jeff Wilbee, who said he was “proud to call Stefán a colleague and more pleased to call him a friend.”

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