Marketing Report – May 24, 2010

by Kay Glass, Marketing Director


Today, we are proudly unveiling the revised logo.  A new typeface and subtle shift in color have brought the graphic identity up-to-date.  It also incorporates the new tagline, “Setting Global Standards for Addiction Professionals.” 

You’ll soon see these images on a revised website and many new materials. This is all part of carrying out the Marketing Plan that the organization adopted in March, and we’re looking forward to many more announcements like this one in the next two years.

In a first step toward publicizing this new identity, we are asking member boards to use the image above – or the smaller one below (you can download them directly from this blogpost) – along with the following line on their websites or other publically accessible materials:

“[Full Name of Board] is a proud member of IC&RC, which protects the public by establishing standards and facilitating reciprocity for the credentialing of addiction-related professionals.  The largest organization of its kind, IC&RC represents more than 40,000 professionals worldwide.”  

Please email me at when your board has made this change or addition.


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