Marketing Report: July 22, 2010

by Kay Glass, Marketing Director

In the last several months, IC&RC has been represented at a number of conferences.  Conferences are an important form of outreach that promote our organization and facilitate discussions with colleagues.  The Marketing Committee carefully reviews proposals for conference participation, then assesses the return-on-investment to guide next year’s decisions. 

In April, Executive Director Mary Jo Mather and Andrew Kessler, Federal Policy Liaison, attended the National Institute of Drug Abuse Blending Conference in Albuquerque, NM.  Kessler explained, “Overall, it was very informative, especially about special populations, which is a big issue for our counselors. Two speakers really stood out. Donald Warne, of the Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairman’s Health Board, spoke about cultural competencies necessary for dealing with Native American populations. Barbara McCrady, from the University of New Mexico, discussed evidence-based treatment for women and the challenges in seeking treatment.”  (Many presentations from this conference are available online, including Warne’s and McCrady’s.) 

Stefán Jóhannsson, of the International & Cultural Affairs Committee, attended UK/European Symposium on Addictive Disorders in London, England from May 13 to 15.  In addition to sponsoring the lanyard, there was an IC&RC brochure in every conference bag.  Jóhannsson reported,  “There was a big group from Denmark this time, counselors from several treatment programs. I had several meetings with them, and they are specifically interested in the AODA International certification.  I had good meetings with Kristina Unge from the Swedish certification board, as well as with Joao Pedro Augusto from Portugal and with Tato Sainz from Spain.” Jóhannsson presented on “The X-factors” and accreditation of staff as a part of a panel with David Finney, Susan Waine Rebecca Flood, and David Parker, who did an excellent job, according to Johannssen. He summarized, “Slowly but surely, IC&RC is becoming well known in many countries.”

Donna Johnson, Chair of the Criminal Justice Committee, travels extensively discussing IC&RC.  One recent event was the National Association of Drug Court Professionals conference in Boston, MA in early June.  IC&RC shared an exhibit booth with CAADAC, and Johnson was able to distribute many brochures and have many fruitful conversations. 

Johnson also attended the Rural Meth Law Enforcement Summit in Denver, Co in late June and spoke on how treatment and law enforcement can collaborate, including the importance of credentialing and specifically the CCJP.  Johnson reported, “I had so many of the participants approach me about getting credentialed. This target audience was mostly probation and law enforcement, and we generated a lot of interest.”

Lastly, Julie Stevens, Co-chair of the Prevention Committee, attended Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America’s 20th Anniversary National Leadership Forum on our behalf.  In the midst of a record snowstorm, attendance was down.  Stevens was optimistic, “It is a great opportunity to have exposure at the biggest prevention conference in the nation.  Unfortunately the weather conditions left us with less than ideal outcome, but hopefully it won’t happen again.  Next year we will submit a proposal to present a workshop on the PS.”

If you’re intrigued by marketing activities, Debbie Gilbert and I would like to invite you to join the Marketing Committee.  We have a meeting (via conference call) slated for mid-August, so it’s a perfect opportunity to see what we’re doing.  We’d love to have you!  Email me for detailed information on the call.

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