Prevention Specialist Exam – Sample Questions

1. Josey provides Life Skills classes at a local school. She is asked by the principal to lead group therapy sessions for children of alcoholics while the guidance counselor is on leave. What should Josey do?

A. Respectfully refuse.

B. Accept the challenge.

C. Volunteer to co-facilitate.

D. Accept but provide Life Skills classes instead of therapy.

Substance Abuse Prevention:  The Intersection of Science and Practice , p. 11

Domain:  Professional Growth and Responsibility    

2. Straight Arrow Tobacco Coalition implemented a school-based prevention program  in all fourth-grade classes of their local elementary school. The program included a parental smoking cessation program. At the end of the fall semester, the program served 171 fourth-graders and 27 parents. This is an example of:

A. Successful program.

B. Outcome evaluation.

C. Impact evaluation.

D. Process evaluation.

Evaluation Primer:  Setting the Context for A Drug-Free Communities Coalition Evaluation, p. 26-27

Domain:  Planning and Evaluation

3. A person who has been designated by group members to be caretaker of the meeting process is known as the ___.

A. President.

B. Boss.

C. Facilitator.

D. Advocate.

Substance Abuse Prevention:  The Intersection of Science and Practice, p. 244

Domain:  Community Organization

For the answers, click here, and the password is “answers”.


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