Flashback to 1981

Lady Diana Spencer married Charles, Prince of Wales, the year that IC&RC was founded. Remarkably, another royal wedding is slated for the organization’s 30th Anniversary year.

1981 was also the year of Luke and Laura on “General Hospital,” Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the Major League Baseball strike. “Jessie’s Girl” and “Kiss on My List” dominated the airwaves. MTV  launched 30 years ago, and IBM released the original personal computer.
Three decades have passed since assassination attempts against U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II rocked the world. Sandra Day O’Connor was named the first female U.S. Supreme Court Justice in history. After 19 years hosting the CBS Evening News, Walter Cronkite signed off for the last time.

Where were you in 1981?

One response to “Flashback to 1981

  1. Corinne Cronkite

    In 1981 I believe I was working in a shoe factory and I do remember Walter Cronkite saying he was going to retire. I’ve alawys admired Walter since we share the same last name and alot of people have asked me if we were related. I didn’t know until after his death then I went to see a geneologist at the family History center and she was able to trace us back as being 12th cousins. She also told me that there could be an endowment for me, but I would not know how to go about finding out about that. She wants me to come back so she can do my pedigree but I allready know that we come from Dutch descent since I looked it up in Wikipedia and he talks about it in his book “A Reporter’s Life” I was so thrilled to find out that we’re related that I marched in his honor at two Parade’s one was with the PEACE and Justice Center and the other was to protest war in the Veteran’s Day Parade. He really was the best journalist ever and will be sadly missed by many. Thank you for remembering and honoring him.

    Yours truly,
    Corinne Cronkite

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