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Science-Driven Policy

The Treatment Research Institute, a non-profit research and development organization specializing in science-driven reform of policy and practice in substance use and abuse, is reporting that four teams of high-level executive and legislative branch decision makers from South Dakota, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia have completed a late-April policy development workshop offered by the Addiction Studies Program for the States (“ASP”).

“ASP is a NIDA-funded educational series bringing cutting-edge, policy relevant research and other expert findings to help states develop effective substance use/abuse policies. The program was co-founded and is directed by David Friedman, Ph.D. of the Wake Forest University School of Medicine and Sue Rusche from National Families in Action. Friedman and Rusche started ASP in 1999 as a journalist series that continues to this day. In 2005 they brought on the Treatment Research Institute and National Conference of State Legislatures to establish a separate ASP series for state legislators, and by 2007, the team had created the current format.”

“This year’s workshop was influenced by federal health reform initiatives (Affordable Care Act and the Mental Health Parity Act) and the opportunities they present for substance use/abuse programming at the state level. Also weighing heavily on everyone’s minds – participants as well as ASP project staff – was the negative fiscal situation confronting most states this year.

“Friedman and Rusche spoke to the issue of why the workshops go forward even in the face of serious fiscal constraints facing the states. “If ASP is advocating for anything, it is for the need for states to address substance use and abuse, and to do so with programs shown to be effective,” they said.

“The policymakers participated April 28 to 30 in Washington, D.C. Like all ASP workshops, the session was 2.5 days in length and consisted of presentations by leading researchers and other experts along with break-out sessions where facilitators help the teams discuss and incorporate instructional content into plans they develop on-site, all plans based on unique state priorities. If they so choose, each team can also receive follow-up telephone assistance for six months following the session to help them with plan implementation.”

For more information, visit the project web site at

SAMHSA/HRSA Opportunity

IC&RC Federal Policy Liaison Andrew Kessler identified an opportunity to share with US credentialed professionals:

SAMHSA/HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions (CIHS) is seeking mental health and addiction treatment organizations to  apply for a new Integrated Health Provider Learning Collaborative.  

Detailed information can be found in the application document.

Success for DRI

The Dorchester Recovery Initiative (DRI), a project of Maryland Association of Prevention Professionals and Advocates (MAPPA), brought more than 300 people together to strengthen the recovery community in Maryland. To learn more, check out the YouTube channel, Facebook page, or website.

Alabama Tornado Relief

On the last day of the Spring Meeting, deadly tornadoes ripped through Alabama, one of IC&RC’s Member States. If you want to help rebuild, Sheldon Rosenzweig recommends the

Compassion Coalition of Tuscaloosa, AL
P.O. Box 1507
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403

Shelly is the President of this broad-based, grassroots NGO. It is comprised of 42 members and committed to the long haul of recovery.

Best Wishes

All the attendees at the Spring Meeting felt the absence of three, dear colleagues. We wish to send our greatest wishes for healing and support to:

 Jeff Wilbee, Canada

 Roland Piper, Michigan

 Bonnie Freeland, Minnesota

Upcoming NIATx Webinar

The NIATx Action Campaign is offering a free webinar on Tuesday, May 10 at 12pm EST.

“The Impact of Billing and Third Payer Participation on Your Workforce: Learnings from the Pacesetter Award Process” will be presented by Wayne Daily, PhD, Project Coordinator of The Behavioral Health Pacesetter Award (a partnership between the Annapolis Coalition on the Behavioral Health Workforce and the Hitachi Foundation) and John Morris, MSW, Executive Director, The Annapolis Coalition on the Behavioral Health Workforce.

 To Join the Webinar: 

Audio for the webinar will be broadcast through your computer speakers.

Note: The webinar room has a capacity of 200 participants and access will be given on a first come, first served basis. You can still listen to the webinar by calling this toll-free number (1-866-642-1665, participant pass code: 821938) and accessing the presenter’s slides through the NIATx website.

Welcome, New Delegates and Guests!

IC&RC was also proud to welcome new delegates from member boards:

  • Judith Burgess, Bermuda
  • Carla Scott, Bermuda
  • Richard Olivarez, California
  • Mary Christy, Idaho
  • Chris Daniel, Idaho
  • Christopher Cohen, New Jersey
  • Sigurlina Davidsdottir, Nordic/Baltic
  • Amy Woods, U.S. Air Force

 Special guests included:

  • Irv Williams, Florida
  • Robyn McCarty, Illinois
  • Dianne McFarling, Kentucky